Friends, many students need money to continue their studies or their career chasing, but their parents cannot afford that much money so that they can continue their studies. Some students do not want to take their pocket money from home.


They want to get some temporary work or such Work that they can do part-time near me hiring so that they can earn some money and there is no effect on their studies.

Why is it good for your part-time Works for college students?


Most of the students are such that they think that they have the best bike near me or such clothes so that they will be different from everyone in the college. But they understand that their dream can be fulfilled only with money.


But in all these, many people will say that college students have no much time that they can do any job. Friends, I will tell you some part-time jobs for college students near me that if you give 2 to 3 hours of daily time, then you can earn good money to universal basic income.

These are some ideas in which you can work part-time or spend less time and earn a lot of money. If you want, you can do this work in your college holidays too and after this, you can do your studies.


So let’s start …


  1. Paid Internship:

Internship means to learn and earn money together. Internship means that we teach some work and together we earn a lot of money. Many platforms will learn work and will also give you some money.


But there are some companies which do not give you money except for the skill certificate.

You have to stay away from all these companies. You have to find a company that pays money.

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One thing you always have to pay attention to is to find an internship related to the subject with which you are studying. The subject that has more interest in you is to hold the same work. It will be good for your career later.


If you want to do this work, then there are many websites where you can find work related to your subject. nowadays internshala.com and letsintern.com are popular websites where you can find work related to your subject.


  1. Become a Tutor :

You can earn money by teaching children. Teach the same subject to the children in which you have good knowledge.


You can start teaching in two ways.


Offline classes :

You can start home tuition or you can start a coaching class with some children. If you take only 2 to 3 hours of the day, then you can earn as much money as your pocket money.


Online classes :

If you do not like to teach

children outside the home then you can start teaching my online classes. There are many platforms where you can do online teaching. Unacademy.com and Udemy.com are the most popular platforms where you can start online teaching.


  1. blogging :

Friends, this is such a part-time job that all students must do. You can earn a lot of money by working 2 to 3 hours a day daily. You can make a free website on Blogger and earn money by posting articles on it.


Friends, many bloggers earn millions of Dollars by start blogging on Google. Two platforms for blogging today are very popular, Blogger.com and WordPress.com. You can start free blogging on these platforms.


  1. YouTubeChannel :

Friends, who do not know about YouTube today. Today, almost all students will have this application on their mobile phones. It is a very popular platform from where you can watch every type of video. Many students also complete their study work through this platform.


But do you know that you can also earn money through YouTube? Yes, you can open a channel on YouTube and earn money by uploading videos on it. If you are watching videos on YouTube, then you will see some ads in the middle of the video. The creator of the video gets money from the same ads.

Friends, it is very easy to create a channel on YouTube. For this, you should have a smartphone and an email ID. If you want to create a YouTube channel then open the chrome browser and type www.youtube.com then after clicking the three dots given upwards of the dashboard. You will see that Create Your Channel option. Then you can create your channel by clicking on it.


You can make videos on whatever topic you know well. Friends, You do not have to spend any more money to make videos. If you have a smartphone, then you should make videos by its camera.


If your channel gets 1K subscribers and 4K watch time, then you can apply your channel for monetization. After this, Ads will start coming in your videos and you will start getting money.


  1. Freelancer :

Friends, you have been hearing about freelancing for a long time. These questions will always come in your mind that what is freelancing and how to make money from freelancing.


Friends, freelancing means that we will work for someone on our own free will. We will work wherever and whenever we want. In freelancing, people work from home based on their skills, and in return, the company pays us online.


There are many platforms like fivrr.com, freelancer.com, etc. you can find work based on your skills. You have to build your profile on these platforms and together you will have to mentions which skills you have in that.

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Friends, whenever the client will see your profile and your profile will be liked, he will give you some projects that you have to complete. In return, he gives dollars to complete their project.


  1. Content Writing :

Yes, friends, content writing means writing articles. Friends, many big bloggers need articles for their blog and in return, they give you money. Which we also call guest blogging. So in this way, you can earn money by writing articles for them.


Friends, the articles that you are writing should be unique and along with this, it should also be noted that the length around each of your articles should be around 1000 words.


If you also want to do guest blogging then you can take the help of Facebook. Many such groups will be found on Facebook, where big bloggers put requests for articles. You can write articles for them by contacting their given number.


  1. Fitness Instructor :

If you’re someone who loves working out, why not start getting paid for what you love? As a fitness instructor at your campus gym, you can teach classes in yoga, spin, Zumba, and more, providing that you get the proper certifications that your gym requires.

Not only will working as a fitness instructor give you that good feeling that comes with getting in a solid workout, but you’ll also feel great knowing you’ve helped other people get fit too!


Friends, this is a very easy job. When you come home after college leave, you can do this work in the evening.


  1. Office Assistant :

Pretty much all of the departments on your campus will need an assistant who handles responsibilities such as answering phones, scheduling appointments, and maintaining files.


  1. Affiliate Marketing :

Friends, there are many such e-commerce companies, if you promote their products, you get some commission. This is called Affiliate Marketing.


Amazon.comFlipcart.com such as companies that provide your affiliate link by amazon customer service. Friends, you have to create a profile on their affiliate programs. From where you will get a link. Share that link with your friends. If any people buy any products from your link, then the company gives you money in return.


  1. Insurance Agent :

Yes, friends, nowadays many insurance companies do insurance for people, they need a good agent who can further create customers for them and increase their business.


If you have passed 10 + 2 and if you can spare time even 2 to 3 hours daily, then you can do this work. If you do this work along with your college, then you can earn money from this.

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