September 27, 2021
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One World Scholarship in Austria 2021 | Salzburg Univeristies

Applications are open for the One World Scholarship in Austria 2021. Applicants from developed nations are eligible for Austrian scholarships at the University of Salzburg. How can you apply for this fundraising scholarship? This is an online process. Here in this post, you will find useful links to study, work and live in Austria as an international student.

One World Scholarship 2021

You can apply for a master’s degree program and a PhD. Degree program You have a wide range of courses, you are free to choose any field of study for MS and PhD. During the Degree One World Austria Scholarship, you will gain skills and competencies that can contribute to economic, social and cultural development in their countries.
The maximum duration of this scholarship is 1 semester. This is an exchange program for international students in Austria. The One World Scholarship Program sponsors master’s and PhD programs. Students from public universities or universities of applied sciences in the Salzburg and Tyrol areas. Master’s level students receive 500 500 per month in PhD. Level 550. Further details are given below.

Details of a Global Scholarship 2021 in Austria

  •  Country: Austria
  •  Degree: MS and PhD
  •  Duration: 1 semester
  •  Deadline: July 31, 2021
    The One World Scholarship is funded by the following organizations:
  •  Land Salzburg
  • Land Troll
  •  University of Salzburg
  •  FH Salzburg
  • i Sei so Frei – Entwicklungspolitische Aktion der KMB Salzburg
  •  Arzabati St. Peter
  • List of universities
    At the following universities, you will study for MS and PhD. Degree
  • Salzburg
  •  University of Salzburg
  • ach Fuchschulz Salzburg
  •  University Shrine Team

• University of Innsbruck
• Medical University Innsbruck
• University of Innbruck Peace Studies
C MCI – Management Center Innbruck
• FH Coughstein

Financial benefits

  • Master Master level students: 500 per month
  • level 5 550 during the semester.
  •  The maximum duration is one semester.
  • WOWS is considered a comprehensive program, which includes scholarships and special study costs, extracurricular training and follow-up contacts.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicants belong to a developed nation.
  • International students can also apply.
  • Must have a strong academic background.
  • You do not need an English language certificate if you are from an English-speaking country.

How to apply

The entire application process is completely online. To apply online, please visit the official link One World Scholarship in Austria 2021.


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